Space saving beds

Discover our range of space saving, a range of smartly designed furniture to optimize every square meter of your home! Take the height and sleep 2 to 3 people in a small space with our bunk beds, or enjoy a space under your bed thanks to our mezzanines, our products adapt to your needs. To save space, opt for our foldaway beds from a single bed to two beds in just a few seconds. Our mezzanine beds, pull-out beds, bunk beds and our compact beds are exclusively made in France and respectful of the environment. Customize your product according to your tastes with our many amenities and colors available!
Sylvia wood loft bed

  • Wooden Mezzanine Bed
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    Wooden Mezzanine Bed

    Our range of solid wood mezzanine beds is a great classic of sleeping.

    Made in our workshops in France, our bedding is both robust and environmentally friendly. All the mezzanine beds we offer use raw materials of French origin and ecological solid wood varnished with water.

    Mezzanine beds are space-saving sleeping arrangements, perfect for small children's rooms or student studios.

    At ABC Meubles, we optimise our sleeping solutions even further as we offer mezzanine beds that you can easily modulate according to your needs and constraints.

    Why choose a solid wood loft bed?

    Solid wood loft beds offer your sleeping space a significant space saving in a small bedroom. It is therefore an ideal solution if you are looking to furnish a student studio, a living room or a child's bedroom.

    A mezzanine bed gives many possibilities in terms of storage and space optimization. ABC Meubles encourages you to give free rein to your creativity by choosing the way you want to arrange the lower part of the bed. Office, living room or library: it's up to you to choose the option you prefer. Don't hesitate to browse our catalogue of complementary furniture to perfect the layout of your space by adding a bedside table, a desk-table or a wall shelf.

    So that you can organise all your belongings, we also offer access stairs that include storage cubes.

    ABC Meubles solid wood mezzanine beds are robust and made from maritime pine from a controlled Landes forest. Pine is a low-density wood that withstands handling, assembly and disassembly very well. The colour of this species allows you to match your loft bed with all styles of decoration: rustic, Scandinavian, natural or traditional.

    How to customise your solid wood loft bed?

    The ABC Meubles solid wood loft bed ranges can all be customised according to your desires. Available in 1 or 2 places, our beds can indeed be modulated according to your space constraints and your needs in terms of storage.

    You are thus free to choose: the mode of access to the bed, the arrangements which you wish to integrate into the sleeping space, the dimensions and the finishes.

    If your sleeping space is poor in storage, you can for example choose a staircase which will comprise cubes to be modulated according to your desires. Once you have selected the dimensions and fittings of your mezzanine bed, all you have to do is determine your favourite finishes. ABC Meubles gives you the possibility to select the colour of the different elements of your bed. It's up to you to give free rein to your imagination!

  • Wooden Bunk Bed
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    Wooden Bunk Bed

    Abc-Meubles' range of solid wood bunk beds for adults and children, made in France, is varied and will meet everyone's expectations.

    We offer sleeping accommodation for 2 to 4 people, for bunk beds available in several colours and sizes that harmonise with all interiors and configurations.

    Our bunk beds are of robust design and offer an exemplary life expectancy, and can be either classic or converted into single beds. The accompanying ladders are straight or sloping to best suit the motor skills and age of the users. All the colours of the beds presented are enhanced by an ecological water-based varnish. Naturally, all our products comply with current safety standards and are manufactured in our workshop in Normandy.

    Why choose a solid wood bunk bed?

    Abc-Meubles' solid wood bunk beds are designed to last over time thanks to their sturdiness and the quality of the wood used. They will sublimate a children's or friends' room by bringing the cosy, warm and standing touch of solid wood.

    Usable on a daily basis or according to the random needs of each person, they are the ideal solution to ingeniously optimise restricted spaces.

    Our bunk beds are proposed in solid beech or pine and are available in 22 different colours so that everyone can obtain the desired result. Abc-Meubles bunk beds are the best on the market in terms of solidity and resistance to children, even the most vigorous ones!

    All our bunk beds are designed and manufactured in our workshop in Normandy and are therefore 100% Made in France! 90% of all our products are produced in France. At Abc-Meubles, we are strong today with a know-how acquired for more than 100 years in the design and manufacture of high quality furniture.

    How to choose the finishes of your solid wood bunk bed?

    The bunk beds offered at Abc-Meubles, in addition to being guaranteed for 2 years, are fully customizable, according to your tastes and desires.

    We offer you a palette of 22 colours to give you the bunk bed that will come closest to your expectations.

    Whatever your decoration, your style or the atmosphere you want for this sleeping space, you are sure to find the colour you dream of. Play the authenticity card with natural or classic colours, or go for originality or extravagance for a unique interior that your visitors will envy! The varnish used in our workshops is entirely water-based and is therefore harmless to children or pets. Please note that the wood we use comes exclusively from controlled forests.

    The ladder of your bunk bed can be placed on the left or right side of the bunks, according to your preference, for easy access to the upper bed(s). For optimum safety, we generally advise our customers not to allocate the upper beds to children under the age of 6.

    Consider browsing our site to complete the layout of this new sleeping space. Bedside tables, wall shelves, bed drawer, etc: get inspired by our wide range of complementary furniture to our bunk beds!

  • High wooden bed for children
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    High wooden bed for...

    The high bed is a judicious choice to optimise space. The high beds for children offered by Abc-Meubles are made of solid pine, a guarantee of absolute sturdiness and durability. Their compact design will allow you to create, on the same floor space, a sleeping space and a second space, intended for storage, a desk, a library, relaxation with a sofa or any other use according to your needs.

    The high and compact lilies that we propose are made in France, in several dimensions and in a nice variety of 22 colours, from the most classic and authentic to the most original and shifted.

    All of our varnishes are water-based and are therefore perfectly ecological and without any danger for children or pets. Our beds comply with current safety standards so that your children have the most reliable sleeping space available: you too can sleep in complete peace of mind.

    Why choose a solid wood high bed?

    Solid wood is THE noble material par excellence. Unfailingly strong, our Abc-Meubles high beds ensure comfortable sleeping and unwavering solidity even in the face of very vigorous little ones!

    The space underneath will save you space, since the night space and the secondary space underneath will occupy the same floor space. This is an ideal solution for small spaces or to devote the remaining space to other uses. The solid pine used in the design of our high beds comes from the Landes region of France, from forests whose management is controlled by continuous monitoring programmes of wood resources. Acquiring a high bed from Abc-Meubles is therefore a thoughtful and responsible purchase, as you are opting for a solid pine product, made in France and respectful of the environment! You should also know that we are committed to minimising the waste linked to the packaging of our products, but also to their manufacture. Thus, we use an external company that recovers our wood scraps to compact them into briquettes for heating.

    How to choose the finishes of your solid wood bunk bed?

    Whatever your tastes, you will find what you are looking for among the choices of high beds at Abc-Meubles. Several dimensions and layouts are proposed to you, and especially, we place at your disposal an amazing palette of 22 colours to personalize your high bed to the maximum. Our goal? To get as close as possible to your expectations and allow you to arrange this new sleeping space as you wish, without concession! Depending on your floor space constraints, but also on your needs in terms of storage or space available for a secondary activity, choose the customised bed that suits you! The sloping ladder allows easy and safe access to the bed. As an adult, you can keep an eye on your child at the right height and avoid unpleasant backaches. Our beds are delivered in kit form, with clear assembly instructions. If you have any doubts, we are of course at your disposal to answer your questions.

    Abc-Meubles also offers you access stairs to the upper part of the bed, designed as storage cubes to store and organise all the child's belongings! The optimisation is total: no space is lost! Think also of our other accessories for high beds such as wall shelves, bedside shelves, etc. Let your imagination and your "decorative" desires guide you!

  • Wooden trundle bed
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    Wooden trundle bed

    The trundle beds in our sleeping range are great classics of solid wood furniture. Practical and functional, they are designed for both children and adults.

    The trundle beds allow you to switch from one to two beds in a single movement. You can save a lot of space while having the possibility to welcome an extra guest.

    At ABC Meubles, we make our furniture by taking our wood from controlled forests. Your trundle bed is therefore made from pine made in France and ecological. For the well-being of your family and your guests, we also do not use any solvents: all our bedding is water varnished and the glue we use is the same as the one you will find on baby furniture.

    How to choose a trundle bed

    To choose a trundle bed that is perfectly suited to your needs and desires, you need to consider a number of criteria.

    First, make sure you assess the dimensions of the room in which you want to place your solid wood bed. Even in a small room, you should be able to easily pull out the drawer of the trundle bed to create two sleeping spaces. Our trundle beds are available in several widths, so all you have to do is choose the size that suits your space constraints.

    You can also choose your solid wood trundle bed according to the purpose of your room: children's bedroom, living room or TV room. Our trundle beds can indeed be used as an extra bed, but also as a bench: it is up to you to choose the bed that best suits your needs.

    ABC Furniture trundle beds are designed for adults as well as children. However, you can opt for a trundle bed which, when unfolded, creates a 180 x 180 cm bed: the perfect solution for hosting a couple of friends for a weekend!

    Please note: some trundle bed models can complement the mezzanine beds that we also offer in our sleeping range.

    What is the use of a solid wood trundle bed?

    ABC Furniture solid wood trundle beds are first and foremost a real space saver.

    In fact, if your room is too small to accommodate a double bed on a daily basis, the trundle bed is the perfect solution. If your room is too small to accommodate a double bed on a daily basis, the trundle bed is the perfect solution. In the living room, this extra bed can also be used on a daily basis as a bench that can be folded out when you have guests.

    The trundle beds in our range of beds are very easy to fold out and can be adjusted according to your needs. You are free to form a double bed or two separate beds depending on your guests.

    Made from solid Landes pine, our trundle beds are robust and their design matches all interior styles. Our beds can also be personalised according to your wishes: our Happy trundle bed, for example, is available in 22 different colours. It's up to you to create a sleeping space that perfectly matches your style!