Cube storage furniture

Abc Meubles helps you give a touch of modernity and originality to your interior. If we like tidy and functional spaces, you will fall in love with our Cube range:  Single Cube, Cube Staircase, Cube Sofa & Bench and Cube Room... You will find a choice of cube furniture in Solid wood complete to furnish your rooms or your living rooms. Perfect for arranging your interior with storage spaces that are both design and clever. The modular aspect of cubes is a real asset that will give you free choice to imagine furniture to your image. Also, enjoy a wide choice of colors to customize your furniture according to your desires! You just have to let your creativity express itself.
wooden storage cube

Categories of our range Cube storage furniture :

  • Wooden storage cube
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    Wooden storage cube

    Discover our range of solid wood cube made in France.

    Do you like originality? Our CUBE collection will please you! With a little imagination and inspiration, you can arrange your living rooms according to your desires! You can choose from the twenty or so colors available on our color chart (varnish without VOC). Let your creativity express itself by combining different finishes, or choose the Brut finish to paint your cubes of the color of your choice. An ideal solution for a modular furniture at will. Set up your space and enjoy convenient and efficient storage for getting on, off or sleeping. Several dimensions and colors available. Cube with or without drawers (available individually).

  • Staircase furniture
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    Staircase furniture

    Discover our solid wood cube staircase range Made in France

    A very stylish storage staircase, but not only. These lockers and drawers will provide you with additional storage space, to save space. Ingenious, practical and robust, design your rooms by giving free rein to your imagination. You have the choice between several stair heights: Stairs ranging from 1m high up to 2m. In total 5 steps of stairs are proposed to you. You can also compose your own custom with cubes per unit. For a perfect harmony between your staircase and the decoration of your interior, ABC Meubles proposes you about twenty colors. In wood finish, color or two-tone, you can customize each element of your solid wood staircase.

  • Cube Room
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    Cube Room

    Discover our Made in France cube chamber range.

    In this cube range, you will find all the furniture you need to create your room: Bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, bench and desk. Each of these pieces of furniture have one or more storage drawers to organize and organize your space. Entirely in solid wood, these bedroom furniture will offer you considerable space savings for many years. Functional and robust, this range also has the advantage of being customizable: choose or combine the different colors available, for a unique and trendy result.