The advantages of solid pine furniture

Solid wood is more and more present in our interiors. Whether for its charm, robustness or longevity, it is a living material that appeals to many of us. At ABC Meubles, we have chosen to mainly promote solid pine. And for good reason, 95% of the products manufactured in our workshop are in maritime pine from the Landes. A wood that we love both for its environmental advantages and for its quality!

We are going to share with you in this article all our knowledge and our years of experience working with this species of wood. After that, the solid pine will have no secrets for you.

Solid pine: a sustainable and economical species

Landes pine forest

The origin and management of the raw materials we use are important to us. It is essential for us to offer you products that reflect our image, respecting our values and our commitments.

We are fortunate to have abundant and, above all, sustainably managed solid pine resources in France. This is why 100% of the solid pine used in the manufacture of our furniture comes from the forests of the Grand-Ouest, in France. We can thus guarantee you two things: a wood of eco-responsible quality and affordable in terms of price.
Indeed the wood from the Landes is labeled PEFC. This certification attests to a renewable and sustainable management of forests for the sustainability of forest resources. In addition, by favoring local woods and short circuits, this allows the carbon impact to be reduced as much as possible.
This abundance also has an economic advantage. Because of its strong presence on our land and in Europe, pine is an affordable and competitive species in terms of price. This allows us to make our solid wood furniture made in France accessible to as many people as possible.

The peculiarities of solid pine

pine wood

Nature of wood:
Solid pine is a soft and light wood, making it very easy to work and machine. You can recognize this species of wood by its pale color and its medium grain, quite dense and irregular. Wood grain refers to the orientation of the fibers in the wood. In the furniture industry, this is the most commonly used gasoline.
Another tip for recognizing solid wood in general, observe the grain of the wood. The grain of the wood must follow even on the corners.

Hardness and density class:
The hardness of the wood is specific to each species of wood. Trees are divided into two main families: deciduous (hardwoods) and conifers (softwoods). They are then graded from A to D, thus going from the softest to the hardest wood. There are also other factors to consider when evaluating the hardness of wood. These include its density, the climate in which it grew and the level of growth reached by the tree.

Maritime pine, on the other hand, is a resinous wood with a low density, class A.
This low density is the main advantage of pine. Indeed in the field of furniture, the lightness of pine is highly appreciated for many reasons. To begin with, it allows it to be the wood of choice for kit furniture (easy to machine, work, screw and very easy to handle). It also makes pine furniture easier to move. And finally, this variety of wood supports very well the assembly and disassembly of product.

Unique aesthetics:
As you can see, the solid pine has a very marked and varied veining. This light wood variety also has discreet knots, making each pine piece of furniture one of a kind. This uneven texture is not a sign of poor quality. On the contrary, these small irregularities are quite natural and prove that this is truly solid wood. This is what makes this wood of character so charming.

Other than its texture, its color allows pine to go very easily with all styles of decoration: traditional, modern, rustic, bohemian, Scandinavian, natural ... Especially since it is a wood essence that adheres perfectly to varnish and paint. You can therefore very easily harmonize the colors of your solid pine furniture with the decoration of your interior.

The natural properties of solid pine

pine wood

Rot-proof wood is wood which cannot rot and which is resistant to different climatic conditions. Among the coniferous woods, pine is the one with greater resistance to temperature variations. This asset gives it durability and natural resistance against fungi, molds and insects.

Pine is a living wood that is sensitive to its environment (humidity, temperature and light). It is a material that will live, breathe, evolve, throughout its life. This is due to its unparalleled hygrometric qualities. Hygrometry is the ability of a matter to regulate humidity in the atmosphere, making it healthier. Pine has the ability to absorb and release moisture. It is a natural air filter, efficient, and allowing the passage of energy savings.

Unlike MDF or plywood furniture, solid pine furniture is electrostatic. This greatly simplifies their maintenance. Because solid wood does not electrify and at the same time attracts very little dust. This is also something to take into account if you or those around you suffer from breathing problems or allergies.

For maintenance, occasional dusting with a soft cloth will be more than sufficient.
Maintenance may also differ depending on the finish of your furniture. Discover our tips for taking care of it and keeping your solid wood furniture as long as possible.