4 ideas for an original and trendy headboard

The choice of headboard is one of the most important elements in the decoration of a bedroom. It is often this touch of originality that will define the atmosphere of the room and finalise its decoration.
It remains to be decided among the many existing models: Wooden, canvas, rattan, wicker, painted, wallpaper, DIY, square, round, minimalist, geometric, modern ... a wide and almost inexhaustible choice. You can opt for a bed with a headboard, or a bed without a headboard to exploit the many ideas available to you on the internet. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for your future headboard, you are in the right place. We are going to present you our selection of original headboards.

Wooden headboard (DIY)

The trend for furniture and headboards made of natural and homemade materials is very strong. Wood is obviously one of them, and wooden headboards are often preferred to other cooler materials such as metal or plastic.
The warmth and accessibility of wood inspires many people. With simple wooden slats, logs or wooden pallets, you can achieve a stunning result in just a few minutes!

Home-made wooden headboard

If we're talking about homemade wooden headboards, there's a 50/50 chance you'll think of pallet headboards. Very easy to make, it is also an opportunity to give a second life to an object. Especially since there are many ways to convert pallets without being a DIY expert. For a rustic and warm look you can simply place your pallets against the wall (without any transformation or DIY). Afterwards, you can also paint or varnish the pallet to personalise it according to your taste. Lanterns, lights, garlands, you can also add accessories to make your creation unique.
If you are not afraid of DIY, you can use the boards of the same pallet and fix them vertically at different heights to create a modern and warm headboard. You can use this method with other forms of wood, such as driftwood, logs, or even wooden slats. The latter is very trendy, either with horizontal or vertical slats that go all the way to the ceiling. On a wall painted in a brighter colour, the result is simply breathtaking.

Painted headboard

Having a headboard without having one... That's the illusion you can create with a simple paint can. An illusion that is much cheaper than standard models and much less cumbersome if space saving is crucial in your bedroom design. But the biggest advantage of this headboard is that it can take any shape and colour you like. You are free to imagine it and bring it to life.

Painted headboardRectangular models of painted headboards are far ahead of the rest. The reason they are more frequently made is because they are easy to trace. In geometric shapes, the triangle is also easy to make. With a few strips of adhesive tape, you can achieve a modern, graphic design that stands out from the crowd.

Rounded models of painted headboards are beginning to be a real hit in the world of interior design. This is a more complex process, but the result is well worth the effort: an original, creative and delicate design with rounded lines that are ideal for softening interiors.

Tip: Before starting this project, remember to draw the outline of the headboard with a pencil. This will help you to plan and adjust the design if necessary. Once the shape has been validated and the marking tape installed, all that's left to do is pick up the brushes.

Wallpaper headboard

More expensive and more difficult to make, but in this article we had to tell you about wallpaper headboards. This is the option that offers you the most possibilities: colours, patterns, textures, worlds... It is often favoured by interior designers and decorators for its unique and decorative aspect.

Wallpaper headboard
As with painting, you can create the illusion of a headboard with a simple roll of wallpaper. The main advantage of this method is its originality. You can create depth in your room without taking up extra space. You can create a headboard on the entire wall of your bed or on a well-defined part of it, bringing relief and character to the decoration of your room. The current decorating trend is to fill niches (mouldings, frames, base...) with panoramic wallpaper.

Customisable wooden headboard

If you want a more sophisticated and elaborate headboard, you can also opt for customised wooden headboards. This made-to-measure solution is a good compromise for those who hesitate between the wooden headboard and the wallpaper/painted headboard which offers a large choice of possibilities. Here you have both: ABC Meubles offers you a wide choice of bed with several designs and headboard decorations. These decors are imagined and designed by our graphic designer. You will find in our finishing catalogue, solid wood headboards with minimalist, coloured, pure designs, for adults and for children.
 Customisable headboard

For the adult 2-seater beds, you have the choice between our Happy and Scandinavian models available in 140x190, 140x200 and 160x200. These same designs are also available for our sofa bed.
For the single beds in 90x190, we offer ready-made headboard designs. But you can also request a customised theme! Our graphic designer will then create a personalised design with your child's image. If you like the design, all that's left to do is print the sticker and stick it on the headboard. This task is carried out by a local printer who is located 5 minutes from our workshop.