Le juste prix

On January 26, 2015, we had the chance to see on our small screens our beautiful mezzanine Sylvia. She was noticed during the entertainment show "Le juste prix" presented by Vincent Lagaf on TF1.

Gerard, the finalist of the day, had to find the right price to win this fully equipped room: bed, sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, bookcase, TV, console, home cinema ... In the heart of this room, our mezzanine Sylvia with its miller's staircase was a great success. Vincent Lagaf was even happy to demonstrate the solidity of this solid wood bed. A mezzanine bed that lends itself perfectly to pillow fights at first sight. But not only ...

Fitted out with a sofa, the lower part of the mezzanine bed is ideal for saving space. You can also imagine a second bed under the mezzanine, or a work or relaxation area. It is the perfect solution for small rooms and space optimization.


The model put into play during the show is a mezzanine 2 places in width 140, with miller's staircase. The winner will be able to varnish the mezzanine in the colour of his or her choice.

Specialized in the manufacture of space-saving bedding, we have been offering mezzanines that are unique on the market for many years. With ladder, miller's staircase or cube staircase, our Sylvia mezzanine is the ally of small rooms. Available as a single bed (90x200) or double bed (120x200, 140x200, 160x200), they can all be personalised. Made to order in our workshop in Normandy, you can customize the colors of your mezzanine at will: in two-color version for example. Let your creativity speak for a perfect harmony in your room.

We have thought of you to save even more space and storage space. ABC Meubles has developed a range of accessories compatible with wooden mezzanine beds. Such as, desks, wall shelves, bedside tables and storage sofas.

It is with pleasure that ABC Meubles has won this magnificent mezzanine bed for Gerard, and more precisely for his two boys. A beautiful experience that we share with you with this short excerpt.