When you buy an electrical or electronic appliance or a piece of furniture in France, you always have an additional cost that is added to the selling price of your product. This is called eco-participation.
But how is this cost set, what is it used for and which organisations are paid?

What is eco-contribution?

When you buy a new appliance, whether in a shop or on the Internet, you always have to pay an eco-tax on top of the purchase price of your product. The eco-tax varies according to the product purchased and the type of treatment required for its recycling.

This amount is set by the organization that will take charge of the good at the end of its life. This cost also depends on the category of the product. Since 1 May 2013, this amount is also applied to furniture elements, it is fixed according to the weight of the product and for bedding it is fixed according to the width of the mattress. This cost is a fixed amount, subject to VAT and totally independent of the selling price.

According to the law, it must be visible and separate from the selling price of the product to provide full transparency for consumers.

What is the purpose of eco-participation?

This amount is primarily used to finance the collection, sorting and recycling of your furniture at the end of its life. Previously, 55% of the products concerned were deposited in a landfill. The aim is to reduce landfill as much as possible and to give your used furniture a second life. The government makes it a point of honour to preserve and protect our environment. With the Grenelle II law, the objective in 2017 is to reach 80% of total recycling.

To whom is the eco-contribution paid?

It is paid to bodies authorised by the State. In 2011, producers and distributors have created Eco-Mobilier, it is this organization that takes care of the recycling of your used furniture. It works in partnership with local authorities who manage the waste collection centres and with distributors who take back old furniture from their customers. In total, 100% of this amount is used and is not paid to the State. It is therefore not a tax. To encourage the eco-design of furniture, Eco-Mobilier has lowered its rates for companies that meet certain criteria. For example, for companies such as ABC Meubles which use 95% PEFC or FSC certified solid wood, the rates are lower.


For all types of furniture

0 Kg to 0.5 Kg excl. 0.02 €
0,5 Kg to 1 Kg excluded 0,06 €
1 Kg to 1 Kg excluded 0,11 €
2 Kg to 1 Kg excl. 0,18 €
5 Kg to 1 Kg excl. 0,46 €
10 Kg to 1 Kg excl. 1,15 €
20 Kg to 1 Kg excl. 1,75 €.
30 Kg to 1 Kg excl. 2,30 €.
40 Kg to 1 Kg excl. 3,00 €
60 Kg to 1 Kg excl. 5,20 €
100 Kg to 1 Kg excl. 9,50 €