From summer to fall

Summer. It's that time of year when the heat and the sun are at their best. It's also the time of year when the morale of the French is on the rise. Summer is the holidays, the long evenings when it is pleasant to meet with friends or family, walks by the sea or in parks. In short, summer is great! Summer ends with the start of the new school year, the return to work and the routine that gradually sets in... But how do you get through it? How can we make this time of year more enjoyable and avoid the blues?

ABC Meubles offers you some little tips to make this moment less difficult, almost even pleasant!

What could be better for the new school year than a little change and renewal? It's the right time to change your interior decoration, to bring a little freshness into your home. A new curtain, a new carpet, or why not a brand new cocooning room for you and your spouse. You can also put a little color to brighten up your home and put a smile back on your face. You'll feel like you're breaking your routine and changing your habits.

Get out of the house, try to continue doing your favourite activities. Ride your bike, go to the pool! You can no longer go swimming in the sea, too bad, you can always go to the municipal pool in your neighbourhood. Take your children with you, they'll be more than in heaven.

After bringing a little something new into your home, why not bring a little something new into your wardrobe? There's nothing like a good shopping spree to put a smile back on your face! After your shopping session, why not take the opportunity to go to the hairdresser. A new season, a new look!

Okay, you're back at work, you're back at your desk, but nothing prevents you from going away for a weekend, just for fun. Yes yes, you have the right!

Put it in perspective! Autumn is good too, nature offers you a magnificent spectacle at this time of year. Our trees take on surprising colours, your neighbourhood is completely transformed.