Another TV spot noticed for ABC Furniture. And once again it is our mezzanine Sylvia who appears in front of our screens. On May 21, 2016 it is in the famous decoration show "D&CO" on M6 that you discovered us. The objective of this entertainment program: to embellish and redecorate the rooms of your house according to your desires. And all this in just one week.

For this sequence, it is the room of the little Eloise who had to be redecorated. With Sophie Ferjani, we didn't miss the opportunity to fill this little girl who is a fan of the Mario universe. What could be more playful than a cube staircase in the image of the famous Mario cubes to cross. This 2-seater mezzanine bed in red finish brings a touch of colour and originality to the room. But also a reminder of the Mario universe. Apart from the design, this staircase is an additional source of storage.
A joy for the ABC Meubles team to view these images and to see Eloise's amazement in front of her new bedroom and her new bed. A wonder translated into one word: Wow!

In one and only space, she now has her own bed and a couch area. For evenings with friends, and sweet and peaceful nights ... Eloise will be able to blossom in this sublime room.

This room perfectly shows the potential for space saving that our mezzanines can offer.
The bed presented in this extract is our mezzanine bed in solid wood Sylvia with a cube staircase: sleeps 2, size 140x200, red finish.


Among our space-saving furniture, mezzanine beds are our flagship products. Notably the Sylvia model with its cube staircase which offers both considerable space saving and additional storage. But we also offer access with ladder and miller's staircase. Available as a single bed (90x200) or double bed (120x200, 140x200, 160x200), we offer a wide range of sizes and colours. A French manufacture but also eco-responsible that we are proud to offer to our customers. ABC Meubles is the only company on the market offering such a wide choice of finishes. You can customize the colors of your mezzanine in a two-color version. Let your creativity speak for a perfect harmony in your room.

To save even more space, we have developed storage and desk accessories: desks, wall shelves, bedside tables, storage sofas. Products designed and manufactured in our workshop in Normandy in order to facilitate your arrangements.