C Normand

On September 11th, 2017, we heard a familiar name on France 3 JT 12/13. If you regularly watch the France 3 newscast (Normandy), you know that every week the show puts forward a local business. That day, you had the chance to discover us on your TV screens. Retrieving ABC Meubles's journey, you'll learn more about us with this great report.

It is with great pleasure that we welcomed the teams of Damien Migniau for the shooting of this report. During one afternoon, the teams were able to discover our workshop, our offices and our showroom.
The director of ABC Meubles, who is also the workshop manager, began the visit with the workshop. While learning more about the history of ABC Meubles, you were able to discover the manufacturing process of our products. Because yes, our products are both designed and manufactured in our workshop located in Normandy, in the Orne. Some of our furniture is also on display in our showroom, open to the public. If you are passing through the region or are just curious, you can come and discover our wooden furniture: mezzanine, bunk bed, trundle bed, Twin bed, furniture of our Scandinavian-Viking range, cube staircase ...


- We source wood from our sustainably managed French forests. Wood (solid pine) of quality and ecological that we receive planing and put to length.

- The parts are then machined: mortising, tapping, routing, drilling.

- The next step is sanding. We propose our furniture as well in Gross (sanded without varnish) as in color finish. If the furniture is ordered in rough finish, after sanding the next step is the shipping.

- For finished furniture, wooden boards pass under our spray guns and varnishing machines. We spend several nights of polish to perfect the finish. The varnishes used are all water-based, 100% ecological (without solvent and VOC).

- After letting the wood boards dry, the piece of furniture is ready to be delivered to your home. We go to the packing floor where all the items will be packaged in the parcels with the utmost care.

From furniture manufacturing to shipping, we take care of every order and every request.

It is indeed in our workshop that we give life to our products, but it is in our offices that everything begins. We evolve with three principles: listening to our customers, being responsive and available to our customers, and offering quality content and services for our customers. Our teams want your online purchases to run smoothly and even more so to your satisfaction. It is essential for ABC Meubles to listen to you. Whether it is to inform you or to advise you, we remain at your disposal with pleasure.

ABC Meubles is a small, passionate and committed family business. We are proud to offer our customers quality products, eco-friendly and Made in Normandy!