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  • The advantages of solid pine furniture
    The advantages of solid pine furniture

    At ABC Meubles, we have chosen to mainly promote solid pine. And for good reason, 95% of the products manufactured in our workshop are in maritime pine from the Landes. A wood that we love both for its environmental advantages and for its quality! We are going to share with you in this article all our knowledge and our years of experience working with this species of wood. After that, the solid pine will have no secrets for you.

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  • Ecological alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree
    Ecological alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree

    6.9 million ... Do you know what this number corresponds to? It is the number of trees (natural and artificial) sold in France for last year's Christmas celebrations (according to the Kantar study). The presence of the Christmas tree is essential as the festive season approaches. When choosing a Christmas tree, you have probably already wondered where it comes from, its impact on the environment and possible eco-responsible alternatives? Translated with (free version)

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  • 4 depolluting plants for your home
    4 depolluting plants for your home

    If, like us, you like to follow eco-decoration trends on social networks, blog articles and magazines, you have already heard of plant decoration. A concept aimed at making room for green plants, whether they are living or fake, in our interiors.

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  • How to choose your mezzanine bed in 5 steps?
    How to choose your mezzanine bed in 5 steps?

    You want to set up a studio, your child's bedroom or even a living room with a mezzanine bed… But how do you choose it? Which materials to favor? What are the things to check or avoid? We are here to answer all these questions and share with you our experience on space saving beds.

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  • Made in France
    Made in France

    The "made in France" trend has been growing in recent years. Especially in the field of interior furnishing!"60% of French people think that goods made in France are of better quality than products from outside Europe! »(According to a Credoc survey)

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  • From summer to fall
    From summer to fall

    Summer is holidays, long evenings where it is pleasant to meet with friends or family, walks by the sea or in parks. In short, summer is great! Summer ends with the start of the new school year, the return to work and the routine that gradually sets in... But how do you get through it?

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  • Eco-participation

    What is eco-participation?When you buy an electrical or electronic appliance or a piece of furniture in France, you always have an additional cost that is added to the selling price of your product. But how is this cost fixed, what is it used for and which organisations are paid?

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  • Improving comfort
    Improving comfort

    "Too many clothes, not enough closets... How do you keep everything tidy?"Always buy more, over and over, even if our closets scream "help" and they're about to explode if you try to put even one extra pair of pants in them. But don't worry, this article should give you a few tips to improve your comfort and your daily life.

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