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  • How to choose your mezzanine bed in 5 steps?
    How to choose your mezzanine bed in 5 steps?

    Vous souhaitez aménager un studio, la chambre de votre enfant ou encore une pièce de vie avec une mezzanine… Comment la choisir ? Quels matériaux privilégier ? Quels sont les éléments à vérifier ou à éviter ?

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  • C Normand
    C Normand

    It is with great pleasure that we welcomed the teams of Damien Migniau for the shooting of this report. During one afternoon, the teams were able to discover our workshop, our offices and our showroom. Retrieving ABC Furniture's journey, you will learn more about us thanks to this superb report.

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  • D&CO

    On May 21, 2016 you will discover us in the famous decoration show "D&CO" on M6. The objective of this entertainment show: to embellish and redecorate the rooms of your home according to your desires.

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  • Le juste prix
    Le juste prix

    On January 26, 2015, we had the chance to see on our small screens our beautiful mezzanine Sylvia. She was noticed during the entertainment show "Le juste prix" presented by Vincent Lagaf on TF1. The model used during the show is a 2-seat mezzanine 140 wide, with a miller's staircase.

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  • To your brushes - TV
    To your brushes - TV

    "À vos pinceaux" is an artistic reality show, the first two weeks are broadcast on France 2 on December 27, 2016 and January 3, 2017.For the show broadcast on December 27th, we find the actor Bruno Salamone, famous actor who played notably in Brice de Nice. For the drawing test, the candidates are sitting on ABC Meubles screw stools.

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  • Made in France
    Made in France

    The "made in France" trend has been growing in recent years. Especially in the field of interior furnishing!"60% of French people think that goods made in France are of better quality than products from outside Europe! »(According to a Credoc survey)

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  • From summer to fall
    From summer to fall

    Summer is holidays, long evenings where it is pleasant to meet with friends or family, walks by the sea or in parks. In short, summer is great! Summer ends with the start of the new school year, the return to work and the routine that gradually sets in... But how do you get through it?

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  • Eco-participation

    What is eco-participation?When you buy an electrical or electronic appliance or a piece of furniture in France, you always have an additional cost that is added to the selling price of your product. But how is this cost fixed, what is it used for and which organisations are paid?

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