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ABC Meubles offers you to discover a range of functional, robust and beautiful wooden storage furniture. Storage furniture for the kitchen, wooden shelves, bottle racks, coat racks or even cloakroom with mirror: select your piece of furniture to finally organise all your personal belongings and bring order to your home. At ABC Meubles, we want our furniture to be made in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, we use solid pine from eco-managed forests. We have also chosen this type of wood for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its robustness and longevity. Therefore, when you choose a piece of storage furniture in our online shop, you are adopting a piece of furniture that you will keep for many years.

Discover quickly our entire collection of storage furniture. storage furniture

Why choose a wooden storage unit?

To organise all the accessories you need on a daily basis, opt for our wide range of storage units. Books, dishes, bottles, coats, umbrellas, files, magazines: all those little things you use every day will easily find their place thanks to ABC Meubles storage furniture.

From the pot holder to the wooden shelf, including the cloakroom and the bottle holder: you will find among our collection a wide range of storage furniture that is easy to arrange, sturdy and beautiful. This small furniture is ideal to organize your interior and enjoy a tidy and pleasant living space.

ABC Meubles storage furniture is made from solid wood whose sturdiness will accompany you for many years. If you choose a shelf, for example, you will be able to assemble and dismantle it at will without the structure of the furniture ever being damaged.

By choosing one of our storage units, you are also favouring local production and helping to promote French know-how. You are also limiting the environmental impact of your purchases by opting for sustainable consumption and short circuit.

In which rooms should you install your storage furniture?

At ABC Meubles, we are committed to offering our customers furniture that they will be able to enjoy for many years to come and that they will be able to arrange easily in their living space. We have developed a range of storage furniture adapted to all the rooms in your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, as well as the living room and the office.

To organise the storage in your kitchen, you can opt for our pot holders, our reels or our wooden bottle holders. We have even thought of the bathroom by developing a complete storage kit including a shelf, a cup holder or a towel rack.

To organise your living room or your office, we have also developed ergonomic storage cubes that you won't be able to do without to store books, magazines and administrative files.

It's up to you to choose the storage unit that will best meet your needs and constraints!

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Storage
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    Kitchen & Bathroom...

    Why choose our kitchen and bathroom storage range?
    Designed to easily organise and store your kitchen utensils, our range of solid wood kitchen and bathroom storage will give you complete satisfaction.
    In addition, our items, whether they are storage, cutting or support for your kitchen are all useful and unique and will make you appreciate the time spent in your kitchen or bathroom
    All our products are designed in compliance with current safety standards. You can let your children discover the joys of cooking and baking with peace of mind.

    To best meet the needs of our customers, our items have been chosen for their design to fit perfectly into the style of your kitchen or bathroom. For example, with its eye-catching look, our wooden bottle rack and barrel shape is a clever storage solution for your favourite wine bottles. It can hold up to six bottles and can be placed anywhere.

    For your bathroom, we offer two wooden bathroom stand kits consisting of a cup holder, soap dish, shelf, three-headed coat hook, toilet glove holder and towel rack. These kits can be enhanced with one of the mirrors from our catalogue.

    How to choose a kitchen or bathroom storage cabinet

    With the many styles of kitchen and bathroom storage cabinets, it can be complicated to manage to choose the right one for your kitchen or bathroom. Here are some easy to follow tips on how to select the right cabinet for your home.

    To do this, all you need to do is check these few points:

    - Size and positioning of the storage cabinet
    Before you buy your storage cabinets, it is essential to know how much space you have in your bathroom or indeed your kitchen. Then you need to determine the exact location in which you want to place your furniture. Ideally, you should draw a floor plan of your room in order to visualise the available space and the different options available to you. This will save you precious time and prevent you from regretting your purchase when you realise that it does not correspond exactly to the desired result!

    - Installing kitchen and bathroom storage units
    Ready to install, our storage units have been designed to make it easy for you to put them in place, even if you are not a DIY expert. Installing a kitchen or bathroom storage unit is actually quite simple.

    - Style
    As important as the size of your storage unit is the choice of its style. By opting for furniture that respects the style of your space you will harmonise it even more and bring the final touch to your interior to make it even more cosy and welcoming.

  • Wooden Bottle Rack
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    Wooden Bottle Rack

    Why choose a solid wood bottle rack?
    A bottle rack or wine rack is a clever and inexpensive solution for storing your favourite bottles of wine safely and above all for optimal preservation. This type of storage allows you to preserve your collection of wine bottles without damaging them. You can also store your soda or water bottles and take advantage of the original design of our models to bring a touch of fantasy to your home.

    Investing in a bottle rack is an ideal investment for wine lovers, whether they are neophytes or not. These very practical storage units allow you to store your bottles in a perfect position. Your vintages will thus keep all their taste qualities until the day of their tasting.

    Oenologist "aficionados" wishing to collect good quality vintages will therefore be able to start building up a fine selection of their favourite bottles with confidence with one of our solid pine storage units.

    How to choose a solid wood bottle rack

    Nowadays, bottle racks are made of various materials like wood, iron, plastic. However, wooden racks are still the most popular products among connoisseurs, as they are environmentally friendly. Wine racks come in a wide range of sizes and bottle capacities. The price range is also very varied. At ABC-Meubles, we offer items made of solid wood that are both sturdy and functional, all at very reasonable prices.

    To meet the demands of our customers, our items benefit from various classic and elegant designs. They will fit perfectly with your interior design style. For example, for an original country style, we offer a wooden bottle holder with an eye-catching barrel design. This model can hold up to six bottles, benefits from great stability and can be placed anywhere.

    On the other hand, if you only have limited floor space, opt for our solid pine wall bottle rack as well. This model can hold up to six bottles. This wall-mounted bottle rack can absolutely be placed above your worktop or on one of your kitchen walls, for example. However, it is important to determine the right place to mount it so that people in the kitchen or just passing through do not unintentionally bump into it and cause a bottle to fall. That would be a real shame!

    Whether you choose the barrel or the wall model, these two storage units will enhance your interior design and add a personal touch to your daily living space. By choosing one of our wooden bottle racks, you will be able to perfectly preserve your bottles for many years, while respecting the storage conditions. Moreover, thanks to these two storage units you will no longer be caught short of wine, if an impromptu meal comes up.

  • Wooden mirror
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    Wooden mirror

    Discover our range of solid wood mirrors.

    Bring charm and modernity to your rooms by opting for simple wooden mirrors. The mirror is one of the accessories decos essential nowadays. In a few moments it will bring clarity and brightness in your living rooms. In your living room, your room, your stay. Round mirror, square, rectangle ... you will find different designs of wooden mirror. A decorative mirror for the entrance of your home to sublimate your decor. Or a practical wall mirror and aesthetic for your bathroom, ABC Furniture offers different models (in limited stock).

  • Wooden coat rack
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    Wooden coat rack

    Do you want to easily store your coats, scarves and jackets? Opt for ABC Meubles wooden coat racks and coat hooks, you will undoubtedly make the choice of sturdy and durable storage accessories.

    We offer a wide range of cloakrooms and coat racks that will perfectly match your interior and that you can arrange in an entrance hall, a bedroom or a bathroom.

    Our collection of cloakrooms and coat racks is made from solid pine for an unfailing robustness. Our collection of wardrobes and coat racks is made from solid pine for a robustness that will stand the test of time. It is a sober and pure wood species which you can choose the finish to adapt your storage furniture to your desires and your decoration.

    In an ecological and sustainable approach, we use solid pine from a controlled forest located in the Landes. By opting for a wooden coat rack ABC Meubles, you therefore choose to furnish your living space with environmentally friendly materials.

    Why choose a wooden coat rack?

    Opting for a wooden coat rack ABC Meubles means choosing timeless, durable, resistant and ecological storage furniture.

    So that you can easily deposit your clothes, scarves, jackets and umbrellas, don't hesitate to opt for a wall-mounted coat rack made of solid pine. This way, you will be able to organise your entrance and hallway in an aesthetic and functional way. Our wooden cloakroom features 6 pegs to accommodate the whole family's coats. It even comes with a mirror!"

    If you want to hang more clothes, adopt our accordion coat rack: thanks to its 10 heads and accordion shape, you can easily put your jackets, scarves, towels, pyjamas or jumpers.

    Please note that our solid pine furniture ranges are treated with solvent-free water-based varnishes which are therefore harmless to your health and to the planet.

    ABC Meubles solid pine coat racks are timeless storage accessories made from a noble, elegant and trendy material. You will appreciate the ecological properties of pine selected from sustainable forests and assembled to create furniture that you will keep for many years.

    How to choose the finishes of your wooden coat rack?

    The wooden coat racks ABC Meubles come in several finishes that you can choose from when placing your order. In order for your storage furniture to perfectly match your expectations, we have indeed wished to give you the possibility to customize your wooden coat racks. Thus you will be able to select a coat rack with one or two pegs and take the time to choose a colour that will match your interior decoration.

    Thus, our two peg coat rack is available in natural varnish, walnut stained or white lacquered with cellulose varnish finish.

    Our three peg coat rack comes in blue, grey, white, black, red, lilac, wenge as well as honey and wood.

    All that's left is for you to choose the finish that will match your decorating desires in every way!

  • Wooden shelf
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    Wooden shelf

    There are many variations of solid wood shelves available on the market: cube shelves, wall shelves, bookcase shelves, etc... ABC Meubles offers a range of solid wood shelves that are functional, robust and harmonious.

    Why choose a solid wood shelf?
    Placing a shelf in your room will allow you to benefit from a storage space and it will enhance your decoration. It will be useful for:

    -Decorating your bathroom
    This is one of the rooms that need to be very functional, but also welcoming. Your shelves will become decorative elements by placing some candles, soaps or nicely folded towels on them.

    -Harmonize your bedroom
    Opt for the installation of one or more shelves to finally fall asleep and wake up in an orderly space. Solid wood shelves will be decorative and serve as a support for your favourite photos or knick-knacks.

    Organise your desk
    What could be more practical than having very easy access to your various documents and office materials in a more ergonomic way by equipping yourself with some shelves. The new organisation of your office will help you save time while preserving your health thanks to the new ergonomics of your space.

    -Optimise your kitchen
    By adding shelves, you will be able to highlight your kitchen accessories, your herb pots, your house plants or your cookbooks, but also to delimit certain areas for example: the cooking area, the area for preparing your dishes, etc. With the help of shelves it will also be possible to delimit the casual corner such as the mini coffee bar.

    - Embellish your living room
    Our solid wood shelves will complete the decor of your living room by bringing a chic and sober touch to the interior architecture of your space.

    Be careful not to "load" your shelves too much, otherwise the room will look disorganized which will be counter-productive.

    How to choose a solid wood shelf ? 

    Here are some tips on how to select one of our solid wood shelves, so that it will fit into every room in your home.

    A shelf is first and foremost a storage medium.
    These shelving units or wall shelves will fit your needs, lifestyle and space perfectly if you take the time to think carefully about how you want to use them. Their quick installation and modularity within your living space are the major assets of the success of this type of furniture.

    The solid wood shelf is a decorative element.
    Sometimes a room lacks warmth, character, identity, even if you have changed the colour of the walls, added curtains or rearranged the room for example. This is why it is advisable to place shelves in some rooms that seem empty in places. The presence of some shelves in your living space will make it much more welcoming. Depending on their shape, colour and place in the room, they will totally change the aesthetics of your space.