Office furniture

Office furniture

Office furniture is becoming increasingly important, especially with the rise of teleworking. To create a pleasant workspace at home, you can trust the quality of ABC Furniture: we create robust and authentic furniture that you will never tire of.
In our range of office furniture, you will find all the furniture necessary to create an ergonomic and practical work area to use every day.
By opting for office furniture from our range, you are also choosing to favour local production that is environmentally friendly. The solid wood we use to make each piece of office furniture is harvested in France, in eco-managed forests. It is an ecological and sustainable solid wood.
Discover quickly our entire range to find the ideal office furniture. large wooden cube desk

Why choose solid wood office furniture?

To organise a workspace that reflects your image, opt for solid wood furniture from our dedicated office range. In this collection, you will of course find wooden desks and wooden stools, but also bookcases and small storage units such as drawer blocks.
These pieces of furniture come in several models and sizes so that you can make your choice according to your needs and space constraints.
Also, you can opt for an individual desk ideal for your children's homework or for a cube desk with 6 storage drawers. To organise your files and books, we also offer spacious bookcases that you can choose with or without drawers. To take advantage of more storage space, you can also add a wooden drawer unit to your desk.
All the furniture in the office range is designed to be perfectly functional and easy to fit into your living space. This gives you the freedom to create a work space that suits you and that you feel comfortable in. Our office furniture is made from solid wood, so it is particularly robust and durable. No more desks that you have to replace from one year to the next, opt for timeless furniture that can be personalised as you wish.

How to choose the customisations for your office furniture?

As with many ABC Furniture ranges, office furniture can be personalised according to your tastes and wishes. When making your choice, you can select a finish colour from our drop down menu. For example, our screw stool is available in orange, blue, green, grey, black or honey and natural varnish. It's up to you to choose the finishes for your office furniture and to combine them to create a space that reflects your image!
But remember that we finish your office furniture using water-based varnishes, so we take care of your health and that of your whole family.

  • Wooden desk
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    Wooden desk

    Discover our range of Made in France solid wood desks.

    Looking for a work desk with storage drawers, or a sturdy individual desk for you or your child? We have what you need ! Simple desk, storage desk or multifunctional desk, large or small, square or rectangular, in wood or color finish, with drawers or without, find our different office models that will easily adapt to the style of your room. In addition to their simple and elegant design, our wooden desks are sturdy and resistant! Indeed they are designed entirely in solid pine from French forests (certified wood). Several finishes available. (Except for some models reported, European manufacturing).

  • Wooden stool
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    Wooden stool

    Abc Meubles offers a range of classic and authentic stools. Made in France.

    Stool with screw, Bar stool, Stool straight ... You will find in this range different models of stools in solid wood of different dimensions. They are all as comfortable and robust as each other. For even more freedom, also opt for our adjustable stools. A height adjustable according to your needs, for a stool that will suit both children and adults. They come in a multitude of colors. Nothing better to give your stools to decorate your kitchen, your rooms and offices or your stay. Wooden stools as well used to work as to relax.

  • Wooden bookcase
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    Wooden bookcase

    Discover our range of solid wood bookshelves Made in France.

    Organize your workspace in a functional and smart way. To help you store and organize your books, trinkets and other objects, ABC Furniture offers various library models. Big or small, classic or more modern, you will find your happiness among our wooden bookshelves. You can choose between a wood or color finish for your storage unit. (Except some models reported, European manufacture). What to dress your home, bedroom, office, living room and living room.

  • Wooden drawer block
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    Wooden drawer block

    Discover our range of solid wood drawer units.

    Looking for a storage unit with multiple drawers to store a maximum of business and accessories? With six drawers, our drawer unit will save you space and considerable storage savings. Ideally used as an office furniture, this wooden storage unit will also be suitable for all other rooms of your home, living room, bedroom ... Practical and functional, this wooden drawer block is a staple in storage.