And if you organize a workspace, or your small office area in your image? ABC Furniture offers many solid wood furniture designed to last in time! Our office range offers all the furniture you need to imagine and create a space for relaxation and work. Discover our solid wood desks available in several colors for a perfect harmony in your interior. What will charm you above all is the robustness of these offices in solid pine. Also find our wooden stools, bookcase, drawer and shelf unit to perfect your workspace.

Categories of our range Office :

  • Desks
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    Discover our range of Desks in Solid Wood.

    Our Desks are available in several models and colors.

  • Stools
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    Discover our range of Stools, Screw Stool, Screw Bar Stool in Solid Wood.

    Manufactured in France in our workshop, our Stools are available in several models and colors. The varnish used is ecological water. 

  • Bookcase
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    Discover our range of Bookcases in Solid Wood. 

    Our Bookcases are available in several models.

  • Drawers Unit
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    Drawers Unit

    Discover our range of Drawers Unit in Solid Wood.