Living room furniture

Looking for the centerpiece you need to brighten up your home and your everyday life? You are in the right place ! Clean lines, a raw material with elegant design... you will find your happiness among these furniture dedicated to the living room and living room: coffee tables, stools, sideboards, TV cabinets, benches... Nothing is more trendy than furniture. sober and warm woods to warm your living space. Furnish your living room with robust and refined furniture.
Scandinavian wood living room

  • Wooden Living Room Furniture
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    Wooden Living Room...

    So as to offer you furniture that respects the planet, we make all our furniture ranges from solid pine by taking our wood from controlled Landes forests. You are thus assured of being able to furnish your living room in a sustainable and ecological manner.

    Both robust and designer, our living room furniture will create a warm and friendly atmosphere in your living room that you can personalise according to your desires.

    From the TV cabinet to the coffee table, including the hi-fi cabinet and the CD shelf, we offer you a wide range of solid wood furniture. It's up to you to mix and match your furniture to create a living room that suits your image. For a perfectly harmonious room that will stick to your expectations in every way, don't hesitate to choose the colour and finish of your furniture.

    Why choose solid wood living room furniture?

    Our range of living room furniture is the perfect combination of sturdiness and design.

    By opting for a solid wood coffee table or TV stand, you can be sure that you will furnish your living room space with furniture you will never tire of.

    Know that our range of living room furniture can easily be customised: it's the perfect opportunity to create a living room decor that will perfectly match your personality. The choice is yours: warm, Scandinavian or contemporary design.

    Thanks to our furniture's generous storage space, you will be able to easily store and organise all your daily accessories. Our TV unit will allow you to optimally organise your DVDs, books and all your small multimedia objects. If you have a large number of CDs and DVDs, don't hesitate to opt for our CD square furniture: you will finally enjoy organising and admiring your collection!

    In addition to being beautiful and functional, ABC Meubles living room furniture is environmentally friendly. The pine we use comes from a French industry and helps to reduce the carbon impact of the furniture you use to furnish your house or flat. The living room is a space where you gather with family or friends: this is why we want to design furniture without using toxic solvents and by reducing the use of glue as much as possible.

    How to choose the finishes of your solid wood living room furniture?

    In order to satisfy all your decorative desires, we make living room furniture that can be fully customised. Our Scandinavian Viking TV stand, for example, is available in twenty different colours that you can configure according to your desires. So don't hesitate to select your colour according to the atmosphere you want to create in your living room: white for a contemporary atmosphere, grey for an industrial style or the combination of pine and white for a friendly and modern piece of furniture at the same time.

    To create a piece of furniture that reflects your image, you will also be able to select your finish: raw, varnished, natural or even honey.

    Note that we customise your living room furniture using only eco-friendly water-based varnishes that do not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

  • Wooden Sideboard
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    Wooden Sideboard

    You wish to purchase a solid wood cabinet or sideboard? You have undoubtedly made the choice of authenticity and durability!

    Abc-Meubles offers you a range of solid wood cupboards and sideboards that are sure to find their place in your home. Whatever your decoration and your style, a solid wood piece of furniture can be integrated into any atmosphere in perfect harmony.

    Depending on your needs in terms of storage and the floor space you have for this new solid wood furniture, you will find at Abc-Meubles the piece of furniture you are dreaming of. Our solid wood storage cabinets have been thought and designed in a pure, simple and timeless style. You can also choose your cupboard by opting for storage drawers or a wardrobe.

    Our cupboards and sideboards are available in about twenty colours composed only of 100% ecological water-based varnish. It's up to you to choose for an authentic shade or for a sparkling touch of modernity.

    Why choose a solid wood sideboard?

    Choosing one of our spacious solid wood cabinets means opting for a piece of furniture that offers both solidity and robustness. A solid wood cabinet or sideboard has an unparalleled aplomb and will sublimate the room of the house where it will sit majestically. Its exceptional lifespan makes it a piece of furniture of sure value which will cross the times without suffering from the test of time.

    You know it, the solid wood is identifiable with the naked eye. The grain of the wood does not deceive, it keeps the same direction at the corners. Solid wood delights all generations with its beauty, its resistance and its incomparable standing.

    The wood we use comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests in the Landes region in France. You should also know that Abc-Meubles wishes to minimise its production of waste: it is in this respect that we call upon a company responsible for recovering and transforming our wood scraps! It is one of our essential commitments to promote an eco-responsible and environmentally conscious business.

    How to choose the finishes of your solid wood sideboard?

    Abc-Meubles offers solid wood cabinets and sideboards in several models, all in an extraordinary palette of 19 resplendent colours!

    From the most classic to the most trendy tones, you will find the colour that will perfect the room for which your solid wood cabinet or sideboard is intended!

    Naturally, the varnishes we use are environmentally friendly and safe for small children or pets. Our door cabinets with or without drawers offer you plenty of storage space. The space is thus optimised to offer you as much space as possible for a controlled floor area. You can also arrange your wardrobe as you wish: wardrobe, removable shelves, drawers mounted on metal runners, etc.

  • Wooden Screw Stool
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    Wooden Screw Stool

    Discover our range of Benches and Stools in Solid Wood Made in France. 

    Manufactured in France in our workshop, our Stools are available in several models and colors. The varnish used is ecological water.

  • Wooden bench & Futon
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    Wooden bench & Futon

    Infused with Japanese influences, the futon bench has become a must-have in the furniture industry. People looking for a multifunctional sofa are often seduced by the futon bench. This all-in-one piece of furniture allows you to quickly benefit from a sofa as well as a bed.

    A sure value in the field of furniture, the futon bench ABC Meubles and its solid wood structure, is recognizable among a thousand. Sturdiness, quality and comfort are the adjectives that qualify this furniture.

    Why choose a solid wood futon bench seat?

    There are many reasons to choose a futon bench seat. Here are the main ones:

    • its firmness prevents and softens back pain thanks to its excellent hold which avoids arching the spine in a horizontal position,
    • its minimalist and chic design brings a Zen atmosphere to your room while being one of the central objects of your interior decoration,
    • its possibility of being an alternative to benefit from a single or double bed depending on the model chosen,
    • its quick transformation from sofa to extra bed in a few seconds,
    • its medium size that fits perfectly into small living spaces,
    • its quick and easy maintenance.

    How to choose a solid wood futon bench

    It's not always easy to determine the right furniture for your home. Here are a few tips to help you decide!

    Your futon bench should be chosen according to your needs and three main criteria: your lifestyle, its main use and finally your interior decoration.

    Whether you live a nomadic or sedentary life, your choices in terms of furniture purchases are determined by your lifestyle at the time. Indeed, for those who are "on the move" it is better to choose light, robust and practical furniture. For those who are less adventurous in their daily lives, you may choose furniture that offers several functions at once, such as the cube bench model with storage drawers.

    Depending on whether you are going to use your futon bench regularly or occasionally, your choice will be different. For example, for frequent use as a sofa, bed or both, you should choose a high quality model. The sturdiness and comfort of a high quality product will allow you to meet your needs over time. Another important detail is that you should also choose a high-quality futon mattress to protect your back and neck and provide you with unparalleled seating comfort. On the other hand, if you wish to equip yourself with a futon bench for occasional use, you can afford to make some savings by opting for a futon mattress that is a little less expensive, but just as comfortable.

    An essential element for your daily well-being, your furnishings are an integral part of your interior design. Your futon bench ABC Meubles will thus reflect both your character, but also your desires and needs for cocooning through its shape, accessories and colours.

  • Wooden console
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    Wooden console

    The console is an essential piece of furniture in a house or a flat, thanks to its small dimensions this piece of furniture can indeed be arranged as well in a corridor as in an entrance hall or in a living room.

    ABC Meubles has developed for you wooden consoles that are simple, functional and authentic. You will be able to use our consoles for many years to come, and they can be easily placed in the tightest spaces of your living space.

    The wooden consoles we offer you in our online shop are made from pine taken from sustainably managed forests. These forests are located in the Landes region of France, so we favour local and sustainable production that is more respectful of the environment.

    Discover our range of wooden consoles as well as the many finishes you can select when placing your order.

    Why choose a wooden console?

    ABC Meubles has designed a wide range of wooden consoles for you. You will find consoles with one or several drawers in order to easily store the personal belongings you have on a daily basis. You can also choose your wooden console according to the size you need. We have indeed declined several formats of consoles (square or rectangular) so that you can easily arrange and move your side furniture according to your space constraints.

    The wooden consoles that you will find at ABC Meubles are made from wood harvested from controlled forests located in France. Thus the raw material and components of our consoles contribute to reducing the carbon impact of the furniture we produce. Opting for a wooden console from ABC Meubles means choosing sustainable, authentic, resistant and environmentally friendly furniture. In this way, you also favour a local production and highlight the Made in France!

    You should also know that by choosing a wooden console in our online shop, you adopt furniture that is good for the well-being of your whole family. Our wooden furniture ranges are in fact made with water-based varnishes without solvents.

    How to choose the finishes of your wooden console?

    At ABC Meubles, we consider that you should have the possibility to choose a piece of furniture that will perfectly match your desires and the style of your home. This is why we develop wooden furniture ranges where you can choose the finishes when you place your order.

    Once you have chosen the wooden console model you prefer, you will have the choice between several types of finishes.

    The three-drawer hall console comes in a varnished fir, cherry or antique white finish. Three totally different styles to suit all types of decorations! Scandinavian, authentic, modern or contemporary style: the choice is yours!