Bedroom furniture

ABC Meubles has designed a complete range of bedroom furniture for you, made from robust and ecological wood species.
Slatted beds, adult beds, cots, children's beds, chests of drawers, wardrobes and bedside tables: you will find in this range, all the furniture you need to create an ideal bedroom! You will even find mattresses adapted to all the beds we offer.
At ABC Meubles, we want to make furniture that respects the environment and favours local production. To do this, we have chosen to manufacture our bedroom furniture from wood that we take from controlled forests located in the Landes. This is how we manage our resources and how we can offer you Made in France and ecological furniture. wooden slatted bed base

By opting for ABC Meubles bedroom furniture, you are making the choice to furnish your home with a range of ecological, durable, robust and authentic furniture.
Discover your next piece of bedroom furniture quickly!

Why choose solid wood bedroom furniture?

In order for you to furnish your bedroom and your child's bedroom with ecological and beautiful furniture, we have developed a complete range of bedroom furniture. Thus, we offer you all the furniture models that are usually found in a bedroom: double beds, children's beds, cots, bedside tables, wardrobes, wooden chests of drawers, but also of course suitable mattresses.

Among these categories of bedroom furniture, we have designed several models, so you can make your choice according to your desires and your space and storage constraints. In our double bed collection, you will find beds with drawers and integrated bedside tables or models with a headboard. If you want to take advantage of the large storage space, you can also choose a chest of drawers or a chest of drawers to suit your needs.

We have also taken care to develop bedroom furniture models adapted to the youngest children. Also, we have made cots specially designed for the safety and health of your baby. All the furniture we develop in our workshop is indeed water varnished without VOCs, we also use the finger joint technique to avoid the use of glues that are harmful to the health of the little ones.

How to choose the finishes of your bedroom furniture?

The bedroom furniture we offer can all be personalised according to your desires. If you choose a double bed, you can select a finish by simply clicking on the drop-down menu. All you have to do is choose from a wide range of colours, from pink to blue, and from a very contemporary and warm combination of wood and white. To further personalise the furnishing of your bedroom or your child's bedroom, don't hesitate to mix the finishes of each of your pieces of furniture!

  • Adult 2 person bed
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    Adult 2 person bed

    Abc-Meubles offers a wide range of solid wood adult beds made in France. Choosing us means opting for a know-how acquired over more than 100 years of experience in the creation and design of high-end furniture.

    We are proud to offer our customers a catalogue of robust and durable furniture, with the best quality/price ratio on the market. Whatever your taste and space, we have the answer to your sleeping space needs, with a range of adult bed sizes and colours to suit every need.

    Let your imagination run wild: do you want a bed with or without a headboard, with or without a drawer, box spring or soft, twin or king size? We are sure to have the bed of your dreams, and in many sizes: 140x190, 140x200, 160x200, as well as in queen size, namely 180x200 and king size 200x200.

    Why choose a solid wood adult bed?

    Solid wood, as you certainly know, comes in the form of a single piece of wood of very fine quality, obtained directly by sawing trees. The wood used at Abc-Meubles comes exclusively from forests controlled by continuous monitoring programmes of wood resources located in the Landes region of France. Owning a solid wood bed is by definition choosing to buy a unique piece. Because it is made from a single large piece of wood, no other bed will have exactly the same profile as yours. The aestheticism of the adult beds proposed by Abc-Meubles, as original as natural, will give pride of place to your bedroom.

    Choosing a bed in solid wood, it is to bet on a noble material whose reputation of durability and robustness is not any more to make. Your bed will pass through the ages without ever losing its standing because wood has the undeniable charm of timelessness. A solid wood adult bed is virtually indestructible. It's also a good way to relax and unwind, as it gives off a subtle forest scent.

    How to choose the finishes for your solid wood adult bed?

    Whether you have a precise idea of what you want in an adult bed or whether you haven't yet made up your mind, let us guide you through the range of adult beds offered by Abc-Meubles.
    We offer several sizes of adult beds and several possible configurations. We also offer you a range of no less than 22 colours to bring colour into your life and into your nights.

    Don't miss out on quality, especially when it is at the best price on the market and offered in such a wide range of possibilities! Our adult beds are thought out and designed entirely in our workshops in Basse-Normandie.

  • Single bed for children
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    Single bed for children

    Do you want to acquire a bed of the best quality for your child? Abc-Meubles offers you a very nice range of top-of-the-range children's beds, made of solid wood, so that your child's bedroom is at the height of what you want for him: the best!"

    Our catalogue is composed of a wide range of children's beds made of solid wood made in France: just like you, we have at heart to design and manufacture our products on our territory. No less than 90% of our products are produced in France.

    There is no doubt that you will find the model of children's bed that will take pride of place in your child's bedroom with class and standing. Abc-Meubles offers you a wide range of models of children's bed, in 1 or 2 places, so that each parent - and each child - can find his happiness!

    Our children's beds will be able to resist even the most energetic children and to go through time without any trouble thanks to their sturdiness and their durability.

    Why choose a solid wood children's bed?

    At Abc-Meubles, we offer you the best in terms of solid wood children's beds.

    Quality beds, sturdy and resistant to the assaults of even the most intrepid little ones! Our solid wood children's beds are a guarantee of a bed that will stand the test of time and accompany your child throughout their growth and even afterwards!

    Our children's beds, designed in the best quality wood there is, namely solid wood, stand the test of time without batting an eyelid and always displaying the same beauty and elegance in the room. Solid wood adds a warm and cosy touch to the charm of its timeless appearance.

    Solid wood blends in with all decorations, from the most classic to the most daring, for a resolutely chic and high-class atmosphere. Let your imagination guide you and come and discover our solid wood children's bed models: from bench beds to beds with a bed drawer or storage drawer, not forgetting the "football" beds that will delight budding footballers or the evolving beds that will accompany your child for many years to come, we have the solid wood children's bed model of your dreams!

    How to choose the finishes of your solid wood children's bed?

    The children's beds we offer at Abc-Meubles can be entirely personalised, according to your tastes, your needs and your desires.

    You are unique, so is your child: his bed should be just as unique. Our children's beds are made in our workshops in Basse-Normandie, France. Several bed sizes are available, as well as an astonishing palette of 22 colours where everyone can find something to suit them!

    Please note that the varnishes we use are water-based and therefore not dangerous for small children or pets. You are free to choose this crib with or without a headboard and with or without storage drawers or an extra bed. Don't forget to think about the little friend/cousin/neighbour who comes to sleep from time to time!

  • Cribs, cradles
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    Cribs, cradles

    Come and discover our wide range of wooden and MDF cots and cradles made in France on our website.

    You are impatiently waiting for baby or maybe he is already here, but one thing is sure, you want the best for your little treasure. In order for your baby to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, he or she must be able to sleep in a healthy, high-quality bed that will look good in the room.

    At Abc-Meubles, we know how much importance you attach to the choice of your cot: you want, for example, a noble, authentic and high-quality material. This is why we offer you a range of cots and cradles made of wood and MDF to accompany your baby in the best possible way in the first years of his life.

    For the well-being and absolute safety of your little ones, all the varnishes used in the finishing of our cots are water-based. So, as well as being harmless to baby, other children and pets in the home, they are ecological and environmentally friendly.

    Why choose a wood and MDF crib?

    Our wood and MDF cribs are both sturdy and practical, as well as being stylish and displaying an unbeatable charm in the baby's room.

    The base of our solid pine and MDF cribs can be adjusted in height on 3 different levels, so that you, the parents, do not have to bend over excessively to pick up or put down your baby.

    As your little one grows, you can simply lower the base to ensure that it remains as safe as possible at all times. Believe it or not, your back will thank you for this choice, especially as your baby grows and starts to put on weight!

    Moreover, choosing wood and ecological medium for your baby means investing in a bed made of a material that is both beautiful and robust, reliable and durable. In addition, this baby bed will last through the ages and will be able to accommodate all the babies in the family in turn!

    How to choose the finishes for your solid wood baby bed?

    Whether the baby who will take his place in this warm cosy nest is a girl or a boy, you will find the one that best suits your desires in our wide range of colours.

    Solid wood, whatever the colour chosen, always gives an impression of comfort and high standard.

    Abc-Meubles' cots will give baby's bedroom that cocooning, calm and restful atmosphere he needs.

    For a perfect harmony around the baby's bed, opt for matching furniture available on our site: chests of drawers, cupboards, bedside cabinets, storage cubes, etc., For a perfect harmony around the baby's bed, choose matching furniture available on our site: chests of drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables, storage cubes, etc., which will perfect the decoration of the room and make the baby's room his first living space just as you imagined it.

  • Wooden chest of drawers & bedside tables
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    Wooden chest of...

    What could be more ideal to embellish a bedroom than a solid wood chest of drawers or bedside cabinets? The furniture we offer at Abc-Meubles is entirely made in France, it will perfectly fit in all interior styles and all decoration profiles. Whether you are classic with a taste for authenticity or more trendy and adept of more daring colours, you will find in our catalogue the pieces that will perfect the layout of your bedroom.

    Our solid wood chests of drawers and bedside tables harmonize in all elegance with the beds and other furniture of our range, so that your interior is warm and welcoming. In addition to their sophisticated and accomplished design, these pieces of furniture will provide you with optimal storage solutions. No more wasted space and your bedroom is arranged with taste and functional as desired!

    Choosing Abc-Meubles to complete the furniture of your night space, is saying yes to a French company, concerned about the environment and whose 90% of products are manufactured on French soil!

    Why choose a solid wood chest of drawers?

    Solid wood comes directly from our Landes forests, so the furniture we make is solid wood, it is not veneer. It is precisely this structure without assembly that gives solid wood its exceptional resistance.

    The solid wood furniture that we offer at Abc-Meubles are very aesthetic. They will find their place in any interior and in all decorations. The density of the wood gives our furniture a resistance and a long life. This is why it is not uncommon to see solid wood furniture being passed down from generation to generation!

    Browse our catalogue to discover our solid wood chests of drawers and bedside tables, you will certainly find the elements that will enhance your interior.

    Choosing a solid wood chest of drawers is also making an eco-responsible choice: at Abc-Meubles, the wood used comes exclusively from forests whose management is controlled by continuous monitoring programmes of wood resources located in the Landes region of France.

    How to choose the finishes of your solid wood chest of drawers?

    Naturally, we invite you to choose your solid wood furniture according to your needs and the floor space you have available. Don't hesitate to optimize the spaces. The higher the furniture, the greater its storage capacity. This tip is particularly useful in small rooms. Our solid wood storage units are beautiful, reliable and functional: no more wasted space for space optimization.

    We offer you several models, designs and sizes for these decorative and useful units. The colours available are just as numerous and varied and are the result of ecological, water-based varnishes, the only ones we use in our workshop in Basse-Normandie where our furniture is designed and manufactured.

    These varnishes are environmentally friendly and do not represent any danger for young children or pets. Consuming French means limiting the environmental impact of transporting goods and encouraging short circuits. Nobody today can remain insensitive to ecology, which is why at Abc-Meubles, respect for the environment is at the heart of our quality commitments.

  • Children's wardrobe
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    Children's wardrobe

    Do you want to have an extra piece of storage furniture for your child's bedroom? Opt for our range of wardrobes you will undoubtedly be making the choice of durability and sturdiness!

    ABC Meubles offers you children's wardrobes that you can customise as you wish when you place your order. The design of our furniture is sober and uncluttered, which is why it easily takes its place in your child's room whatever its size and decoration style.

    The children's wardrobes that we make in our workshop represent an ideal solution for storing the things of babies or older children. Their beautiful storage volumes as well as the modular shelves will help you optimise the organisation of clothes, but also bed linen.

    The children's wardrobes ABC meubles are made in France, they are made of high quality and ecological MDF panels. This furniture has also been specifically developed to respect the health of the youngest children.

    Why choose an ecological medium wardrobe?

    Choosing a children's wardrobe from ABC Meubles means adopting a range of furniture that is ecological, authentic, resistant and durable.

    Our wardrobes offer you significant space savings in your child's room: taking up little floor space, it allows you to store all your baby's belongings thanks to its spacious storage volumes. You will be able to hang clothes on a hanging bar, fold the layette to put it on a removable shelf and store, for example, some blankets in the drawer.

    You should also know that our children's wardrobes are made without the use of substances that are harmful to the health of babies. This storage furniture is indeed treated with a water-based varnish that does not pollute the atmosphere of the room in which it is placed. Also, do not hesitate to accompany your wardrobe with a baby bed and a changing chest from the same range: your child will thus sleep in a totally healthy atmosphere.

    How to choose the finishes of your ecological medium wardrobe?

    All our children's wardrobes can be personalised as much as you like! When you place your order on our website, you can select 19 different colours from our range of finishes: from orange to green, via pink and black, you are free to choose your favourite shade. It's up to you to let your imagination run wild!

    To prepare your finishes, we use water-based varnishes without VOCs (volatile organic compounds): you can therefore customise your MDF wardrobe without taking any health risks for you and your children.

    Don't hesitate any longer and select your favourite customisation to add a touch of modernity and pizzazz to your child's room!

  • Ecological mattress
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    Ecological mattress

    The ABC Meubles bedding range naturally includes a wide selection of mattresses adapted to the solid wood beds we offer.

    We want to accompany you for soft and soothing nights, that's why we provide you with a panel of quality mattresses. You will find single and double mattresses in different compositions: foam, latex or futon.

    Like our solid wood furniture, the mattresses in our sleeping range are environmentally friendly and made of natural materials from sustainably managed production. The strong points? All our mattresses are guaranteed to be free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful products, and are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite. So you'll enjoy mattresses that are good for your health and that of the planet.

    Why choose an ABC Meubles mattress?

    ABC Meubles offers a wide collection of eco-friendly mattresses to meet all your needs. You will find single or double mattresses, evolving mattresses as well as baby bed mattresses. You can even choose a futon mattress designed with Japanese technology to ensure optimal sleeping comfort.

    Futon, foam, latex: it's up to you to choose the type of mattress that best suits your needs.

    All our mattresses are designed to maintain an ideal body temperature throughout the night. They are composed of a latex mat which ensures an independence of bedding and an optimal ventilation.

    Comfort is an essential criterion to choose your mattress. This is why we offer a variety of beddings whose material will necessarily adapt to your needs. For example, the Gabriel Mattress has a latex core and a cotton filling. Its elasticity has been designed to ensure a soft welcome, but firm enough to support your back optimally. The Montana mattress features 3 differentiated support zones and permanent Modul'Air ventilation, so you can be sure of a comfortable and healthy night's sleep.

    To adapt to all of your needs, we have also made a point of offering evolving mattresses. Divided into three different parts, this type of mattress evolves progressively to accompany your child's growth.

    Even the smallest children will enjoy the comfort of our sleeping arrangements thanks to our Babymouss mattress!

    Opt for an eco-friendly mattress

    Just like our solid wood furniture, all the mattresses we have selected for you are respectful of the planet and your health. You will therefore find in our collection, mattresses designed from natural and ecological materials.

    In order to offer you sustainable products, we work with companies that share the same values to produce quality mattresses, local and with low ecological impact.

    For example, the latex in our Gabriel mattress is harvested in Guatemala from a sustainably managed forest, it is then vulcanised in a Belgian company that is euroLatex certified "100% Natural Latex".

    For impeccable softness and comfort, our mattresses are also covered with 100% cotton fabric.

  • Wooden slatted bed base
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    Wooden slatted bed base

    Discover our range of Solid Wood Slatted Bed Bases Made in France.

    Do not neglect the quality of your sleep. Opt now for quality wooden bed bases and robust. Our bed bases are manufactured in our workshops in Basse-Normandie and are totally ecological. Solid pine from the Landes, appreciate the quality of the wood. The sommiers are available in Brut finish or water-based eco-friendly varnish: about twenty colors to choose from. To discover in several dimensions for 1 or 2 people.